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Coney Island to Flatts

The walker or cyclist who has completed the Oil Docks to Ferry Point section of the Trail can gaze across Ferry Reach towards Coney Island where the Trail continues. Getting to it is a bit more complicated. First retrace your steps to the main road, either back along the Trail or along Ferry Road. Where Ferry Road joins the main road catch a number 10 or 11 bus west for a short ride. Ask the driver to let you off at Coney Island Road.

This next section of the Trail divides naturally into three parts:

Coney Island to Bailey’s Bay
From the main North Shore Road walk east along Coney Island Road, watching out for the Trail signs. If you cross the bridge onto Coney Island (notice the old railway bridge piers), you will get to the western shore of Ferry Reach, where you can see Ferry Point on the other side. Next retrace your steps, but do not take Coney Island Road all the way back to the main road. Instead a short section of the Trail runs along the shore, soon rejoining North Shore Road. Then take the road until you reach Bailey's Bay.

Bailey’s Bay to Crawl Waterfront Park
The Trail picks up again on the west side of Bailey's Bay. Since late 2015 a new footbridge, built by the Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail in conjunction with the Bermuda Parks Department, means that you can cross the bay and then continue all the way to Crawl, close to water level, with the mass of Crawl Hill rising above you.

Radnor Road to Flatts
West of Radnor Road the Trail starts and stops in short sections until you reach Shelly Bay. Look out for the Railway Trail signs. As you approach Shelly Bay Park from the east, take the Old Road north around the park to find sections of the Trail you might otherwise miss. From Shelly Bay the Trail runs uninterrupted all the way to Flatts, where you can imagine the high bridge that used to take the railway over Flatts inlet.

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(The Trail maps in this tour come from the Bermuda Tourism Railway Trail brochure. Please pick up a copy if you are in Bermuda.)

Start your walk by returning to the Trail on Coney Island:

Swing Bridge from Coney Island
Swing Bridge
Looking west on Coney Island
Two Coney Island bridges
Trail looking east
Cutting west of Coney Island
Bailey's Bay, 2015
Towards Bailey's Bay, 2023
Clay's Bay, 2015
Cutting east of Crawl
Looking east
Looking west
Deep cutting east of Crawl
Remains of Crawl station
Two Coney Island bridges
Trail entrance east of Shelly Bay
Shelly Bay
Rebuilt Trail section
Between Shelly Bay and Aquarium
Aquarium Station
Flatts trestle supports