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Warwick to Somerset

Leaving Warwick the railway travelled into Southampton parish, Bermuda’s agricultural centre, where a government packing shed at Evans Bay dispatched produce by rail to Hamilton docks. At Bridge Hill a high bridge carried the railway onto Somerset Island, the line continuing on to the railway’s western terminus at Somerset village.
  • Trains at Black Bay sidings
    Trains at Black Bay sidings
    The passing loop at Black Bay sidings let trains pass each other, but there was no station.
  • The railway line below Gibb’s Hill lighthouse
    The railway line below Gibb’s Hill lighthouse
    The Bermuda Railway line skirting a hill in Southampton parish below Gibb’s Hill lighthouse, the waters of the Great Sound just visible on the left.
  • Deep cutting through limestone rock
    Deep cutting through limestone rock
    One reason that the Bermuda Railway was so expensive to build was the need for so many deep cuttings through the limestone rock.
  • Evans Bay station
    Evans Bay station
    The overgrown nature of both track and platform leads one to think that the railway was now closed, or very shortly would be. See this location today
  • Cutting the ribbon on opening day
    Cutting the ribbon on opening day
    On October 31, 1931 the years of effort finally reached a climax when Governor Asser cut a ribbon at Bridge Hill station to officially open the Bermuda Railway.
  • Somerset railway bridge
    Somerset railway bridge
    The high bridge at Somerset carried the Bermuda Railway tracks from the main island to Somerset island. The bridge piers remain today. See this location today
  • Crossing Somerset bridge
    Crossing Somerset bridge
    A Bermuda Railway motor freight van, #101, crossing Somerset railway bridge.
  • Chief Engineer Harold Kitchen
    Chief Engineer Harold Kitchen
    Harold Kitchen (right), Bermuda Railway chief engineer, sitting on a speeder at Somerset Bridge station. See this location today
  • Railway cutting and footbridge
    Railway cutting and footbridge
    The railway line passing through a steep cutting, a footbridge crossing above. See a similar location today
  • Broome Street station in Somerset
    Broome Street station in Somerset
    The passing loop is just visible under the train, while the track in the foreground shows that the station may have had some kind of freight handling capacity.
  • Somerset railway terminus
    Somerset railway terminus
    The freight shed is on the left and the passenger platform is just visible on the right. See this location today