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Today’s Bermuda Railway Trail

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In 1985, almost 40 years after the Bermuda Railway closed, the Bermuda Government transformed the remaining right of way into a trail for walkers and cyclists.

Aside from a few sections, 18 miles of the Railway’s original 22 are accessible, and they provide an unparalleled way to see Bermuda’s scenery.

These pages tell you about the Bermuda Railway Trail, all that is now left of the island’s old railway.

  • Taking the Trail will provide the basic information about the Trail: how to reach it, what to expect when you get there, where you can ride a bicycle or roller-blade, and how to combine the Trail with other Bermuda attractions.
  • The Trail Photo Tour will provide a photo tour of the trail, from one end of Bermuda to the other. I have been visiting Bermuda since 1995, so my collection of Trail pictures is fairly complete. You will see the best of them here.
  • The Trail FAQ will try to answer your questions, based mainly on the emails I have received from site visitors over the years.