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    • Bermuda Links

      Bermuda Links

      For anyone interested in Bermuda, these links are a starting point:

      The Royal Gazette

      Website of the Royal Gazette, Bermuda’s daily newspaper.

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      Bernews is “Bermuda’s Multimedia News and Culture Magazine”, covering everything from today’s news, politics and sports to Bermuda history. Take a look at its extensive photo and video archive.

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      National Museum of Bermuda

      The Museum buildings and grounds at Dockyard provide an unparalleled look at Bermuda’s history. Not to be missed if you are in Bermuda, and the website provides a wide range of information if you are not.

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      Bermuda National Library

      The country’s library, with adult and children’s locations. If you are in Hamilton, check out the extensive Bermuda collection. From overseas, don’t miss the online Digital Collection.

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      Bermuda Tourism

      For anyone planning to visit Bermuda, this is the place to start for information about where to stay, what to do and all the rest.

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      Bermuda History

      The Bermuda History blog appears to have been removed. If I find a new location for it, I will update the link.
      Bermuda History aims to be an “online resource of Bermuda’s documented past”. From 1511 (“Bermuda’s first map”) to 1997 (“The Prohibited Restaurant Act”), this wonderfully illustrated site should not be missed.

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      Bermuda Online

      A comprehensive guide to everything Bermudian. Note the guide to the Railway Trail.

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      Bermuda Sun

      Bermuda’s other newspaper, the twice-weekly Sun, closed in 2014. Its website is still accessible if you are interested.

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    • Railway and Model Railway Links

      Railway and Model Railway Links

      A few comprehensive railway and model railway websites:


      A massive site with links to railroad-related sites the world over, including model railroading. Not to be missed.

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      Webville and Hypertext Railroad

      Although “neither a real company nor a real railroad”, this large site includes extensive railroading information and many links. No longer updated, but still interesting.

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      If you wish you were spotting trains in the UK, this is the site for you. Railcam has over 60 webcams overlooking railways across the UK. Access to all requires a subscription, but a dozen or so are available free.

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      All the Stations

      In 2017 Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall visited every railway station in the United Kingdom, all 2,563 of them, and recorded their trip on YouTube video. And then in 2019 they did it again in Ireland (only 198 stations!). And then the Isle of Man. Where will it all end! See the full episode list on Wikipedia.

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      Another large site that also hosts web sites for a large number of railroad-related organizations, associations and publications.

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      Historical Model Railway Society

      Comprehensive site for all UK railway modellers, historians and enthusiasts. Membership provides discounts, but plenty to look at for free.

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      National Railway Museum

      Britain's National Railway Museum at York can be considered the best in the world. Visit if you can, and check out the website if you cannot for a vast collection of pictures and stories, audio and video. The Museum is part of the even larger U.K. Science Museums group.

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      The Festiniog Railway

      Should Bermuda have built a narrow-gauge railway? It would have been cheaper. Could it have made a profit? The Festiniog Railway has survived, though it is now a heritage railway and tourist attraction. Visit the website for amazing videos of trains in the Welsh Highland scenery.

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