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Oil Docks to Ferry Point

To reach the Railway Trail on Ferry Point you must leave the main road and walk west along Ferry Road until you have passed the Oil Docks restricted area. You then turn north, following the Trail signs, to rejoin the Trail where the old railway right of way leaves the Oil Docks area through another chain-link fence.

The scenery on Ferry Point is worth the effort, since it is one of the few relatively wild areas left on Bermuda. The north side of Ferry Point, where the train ran, gets the worst of the winter winds. Few buildings are visible, since most houses on Ferry Point are found along Ferry Road on the more sheltered, southern side.

At Ferry Point Park the Trail comes to an abrupt halt at the ruins of the swing bridge which once carried the railway across Ferry Reach to Coney Island. You can visit the newly restored Martello Tower, and walk over to Ferry Island, where the old horse ferry took passengers across to the main island, before the Causeway was built in 1871.

(The Trail maps in this tour come from the Bermuda Tourism Railway Trail brochure. Please pick up a copy if you are in Bermuda.)
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Start your walk by walking down from Ferry Road to the western Oil Docks fence:

Back to the Trail
Oil Docks western fence
Railway cutting
Looking back at the Oil Docks
West along the Trail
Continuing west
Looking back towards Oli Docks
Astor's Halt
Lovers' Lake
Entering Ferry Point park
Ferry Point park
The remains of the Ferry Point swing bridge