What Might Have Been

Bermuda Train Company
Ever since Bermuda decided to abandon "Old Rattle n' Shake" in 1948, many people have questioned the wisdom of closing the Bermuda Railway. Every few years or so the suggestion has been made, more or less seriously, that the railway should be rebuilt.

So far it hasn't happened. For now the only "railway" operating in Bermuda has rubber tires, providing rides for tourists at the Dockyard and in Hamilton and St. George's courtesy of the "Bermuda Train Company Limited".

The Bermuda Train Company "train" parked at Dockyard in the off season. It seems to have rubber tires, and I can't find any tracks!

A monorail was among the various suggestions for rebuilding the railway made over the years. If that idea had been carried out, perhaps it would have looked something this.

The "Bermuda Monorail" crossing Frank's Bay trestle.

Given Bermuda's many thousands of cars, and even more thousands of scooters, the question of internal transportation remains a difficult one. In an attempt to take some of the pressure off the roads, the Bermuda government has inaugurated a fleet of fast ferries to ply the waters of the Great Sound and to connect Hamilton and St. George's.

Catamaran fast ferry
This innovation has had some success, and many commuters from the west end of the island seem to be parking at Rockaway in Southampton and taking the boat to work in the city.

It doesn't seem to have had a very noticeable effect on the roads, though.

One of the fast catamaran ferries now operating in Bermuda.