Frank's Bay to Somerset Bridge

Approximate distance: 2.25 miles

The Trail now crosses Middle Road several times before striking off to the right for the long straight stretch that will take you to Somerset Bridge. Another good section for cyclists.

At Evans Bay, consider a detour to Whale Bay Park; it’s well worth the effort.

Frank's Bay trestle bridge piers

Great Sound from the Trail

Tree tunnel

Looking east

Evans Bay Station

Evans Bay Station plaque

A new Railway Trail sign at Evans Bay

West of Evans Bay

Hidden above Middle Road

Looking east

Old Trail signs

Old trestle supports

Where the paved Trail restarts

Railway cut

Bermuda agriculture

For access only

Old railway telegraph post

Approaching White Hill Station

White Hill Station

White Hill Station plaque

Good for bicycles

A steep cutting

Somkerset Bridge trail head looking east

Somerset Bridge trail head looking west

The old railway bridge piers