Khyber Pass to Frank's Bay

Approximate distance: 3.5 miles

From Khyber Pass the Trail continues through the centre of Warwick, past Riddell’s Bay Station and passing below Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. There a steep climb up Tribe Road #2 will take you to the Lighthouse, with its 185 steps and magnificent vista, and the Lighthouse Tearoom, with its tea and cakes!

Alas, the Tearoom is gone, replaced by a restaurant unexcitingly called The Dining Room. Good food, however, with lunch prices around the norm for Bermuda, and still with the magnificent view from the top of Lighthouse Hill.

After the Lighthouse, the Trail runs alongside Middle Road and is an easy stretch for cyclists.

Trail sign at Khyber Pass

Old Trail signposts

Light and shade

Trestle site

Approaching Riddell's Bay station

Riddell's Bay station

Riddell's Bay station plaque

Looking east

Another bridge site

Tree tunnel

Trail sign at the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Another cutting

Seen from the Trail

Away from the road

Railway leftover?

The Great Sound

Recent pedestrian tunnel

Trail north of Middle Road

Looking east across Middle Road

Back to Middle Road

Tree blocking train!

Barrier to keep out vehicles

The Great Sound

Frank's Bay