Rural Hill to Khyber Pass

Approximate distance: 2.5 miles

At Rural Hill the Trail begins again, after a detour either around or through Hamilton. What is now Trimingham Road was the route the old railway took out of Hamilton, and when you reach Middle Road a right turn brings you to the start of the next Trail section.

The Trail soon ducks under Middle Road through the railway’s longest tunnel, continuing past Elbow Beach station and passing close to Paget Marsh Nature Reserve. The route continues through the middle of Paget, running alongside Warwick Pond just before reaching Khyber Pass.

The Trail east starts at the top of Trimingham Hill

Rural Hill tunnel

Elbow Beach station

Elbow Beach station plaque

Trail barrier west of Elbow Beach

One of many cuttings in Paget.

Biking on the Trail

Lush greenery, and this is January!

Another deep cutting

Looking west

Another cutting

Flatter and wider

Tribe Road #2?

Tree tunnel

Bermuda agriculture

Another tree tunnel

Almost in Warwick

Passing the Belmont golf course

A former railway trestle site

Plaque at Warwick Pond