The Bermuda Railway route through Hamilton

Approximate distances:
- the old railway route, 3.75 miles
- Hamilton bypass, 2 miles

In the 60 years since the Bermuda Railway closed, almost all traces of the right of way through Hamilton have disappeared as Bermuda’s capital has expanded. But for the railway enthusiast there are still some things to notice when walking the route the railway took through the city. In any case, for railway obsessives like myself, the Railway Trail seems incomplete if you leave out Hamilton.

However, the Bermuda Tourism department’s Map and Guide to the Trail conveniently includes a section called Palmetto Park to Rural Hill (I have shown this as "Hamilton bypass" on the Google map) that lets you bypass Hamilton to the east, passing close to the Arboretum and the Botanical Gardens. This is a nice walk in itself.

Railway Trail signs, old and new

Railway Trail sign at Palmetto Park

Palmetto Park

Bermuda main bus garage entrance

Looking east towards the Tynes Bay Waste Facility

Railway Terrace, alongside Marsh Folly Road

Marsh Folly Road

The dump!

Marsh Folly Road

Pembroke Marsh Nature Reserve

Entrance to Black Watch Pass

The Railway route around the tennis stadium

Site of the Railway halt

The tennis stadium

Canal Road

Pembroke Canal

Canal Road

Canal Road at Woodlands

Royal Gazette building

Par-la-Ville Road

Par-la-Ville Park

Where the tunnel was...

Front Street with the former Trimingham's site

Front Street

Front Street at the Cenotaph