St. George's to the Oil Docks fence

Approximate distance: 1.5 miles

"St. George's Station to Ferry Point Park" is the first section in the Bermuda Tourism Railway Trail brochure. This page covers the first half of it, from St. George's to the Oil Docks fence.

Leaving Penno's wharf and St. George's station, you walk west alongside the main road until you reach Wellington Lane, and then follow the route the old train took to get out of St. George's and up to the North Shore. At the end of Wellington Lane the Trail really starts, with old railway cuttings alternating with vistas of the North Atlantic. When you reach the Oil Docks fence, you will have to retrace your steps to the main road for a detour around the Oil Docks and back to the Trail on Ferry Point.

St. George's Station

Tiger Bay, St. George's

Alongside the main road

Wellington Lane

Old cutting on Wellington Lane

Start of the Trail proper


Atlantic view

Towards Mullet Bay

High above the water

Mullet Bay approach

Mullet Bay trestle site

Towards Oil Docks

Oil Docks and fence

Through Oil Docks fence