Trail Photo Tour

This photo tour will take you along the Bermuda Railway Trail from east to west, starting in St. George’s and working your way west to Hamilton and beyond. Of course, not many visitors cover the Trail’s more than 20 miles in a single day, although the annual End-to-End charity walk has been covering the length of Bermuda for over 20 years.

You can sample the Trail in small portions, if you like, and in any order that suits you. I will try to provide useful tips for each of the Trail sections.

I have used the Trail divisions given in the Bermuda Tourism department publications, though I may subdivide those divisions if I think it is helpful (or if I have a lot of good pictures!). All sections of the Trail tour pages are now available: St. George’s to Oil Docks, Oil Docks to Ferry Point, Coney Island to Flatts, Flatts to Palmetto Park, Hamilton, Rural Hill to Khyber Pass, Khyber Pass to Frank's Bay, Frank's Bay to Somerset Bridge and Somerset Bridge to Somerset Station.

The two most recently completed sections (Khyber Pass-Frank’s Bay and Frank’s Bay-Somerset Bridge) have fewer and older pictures, so they are on my list to be updated.

The Trail in Paget... or was it Warwick?