Arrghh!! Browser differences

Those of you who have been visiting this site using the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers may have been bemused (or teed off) to notice that the site titles in the page headers were more or less invisble on some pages. Well I think I have fixed this. If you are interested in the gruesome details...

I work on a Mac, which uses the Safari browser. And though I know I should have checked the new site in every browser in the world before making it live, well, time got in the way.

The style sheet code CSS) for my header titles used a combination of a background colour and text shadow to make sure they could be seen in front of the various header images. In Safari this worked great; in Explorer and Firefox not so good. Long story short, I have made adjustments so that the titles are at least legible in the other browsers (they still look nicer in Safari).

Any CSS experts out there who 1) know what I am talking about and 2) have any suggestions?